Citizen's Police Academy & COPs(Citizens On Patrol)

Citizen's Police Academy  & COPs(Citizens On Patrol)

To accomplish our mission, the SSPD values partnerships which increase our operational capacity toward maintaining our position. This is further accomplished by encouraging creativity by developing and implementing new ideas while using proven police models and practices. The Volunteer Program is a successful example of the Sandy Springs Police Department's partnership with our community volunteers.






For the citizens who are interested in more involvement, one program they might look at is the Citizens on Patrol program.  This program places citizens who have received advanced training, as additional eyes and ears for the department’s sworn officers.  COPs also assist at traffic accident scenes to direct traffic; are involved in assisting public works by directing traffic at work sites; will participate in traffic control at public events; and conduct checks on residences when the owners are out of town.  These volunteers first attend the CPA and then attend a 10 week course specifically tailored to train them in subjects which will enable them to function within the police setting.  They receive instruction in traffic control and traffic direction; receive briefings regarding crime analysis, patterns and trends, as well as areas where crime is particularly high and requires extra patrols; instruction in first aid and the use of an automatic external defibrillator; criminal investigation and defensive tactics and verbal judo.  These citizens are further trained to issue handicapped parking violation traffic tickets in order to ensure our handicapped citizens have access to the designated parking spaces they need. A highlight of the training program is the Citizen on Patrol Vehicle Operations Course (COPVOC).  This course is an 8 hour package designed to familiarize the patrol members with the capabilities of the vehicles they will be operating.  The course consists of braking drills; driving in reverse exercises and a specially designed cone course which tests their skill in moving a car within a tight confined space.  This block of instruction is generally one of the high points of the training package. The COPs team patrols as two person units in specially marked police cars which strongly resemble the vehicles utilized by sworn officers. The patrols utilize the same radio system as sworn officers and communicate with the same citywide 9-1-1 system as the sworn officers. The COPs wear a specially designed uniform which projects their image and authority, but is not a police uniform.

The coordinator for the SSPD Volunteer Program is Jeff Holmes 770-551-6959.

Another volunteer program of the SSPD, directed towards our younger civic minded citizens, is the Sandy Springs Police Explorer Post 059, which began operation in January, 2011.

The Police Explorer Program is under the guidelines and is a division of the Boy Scouts of America. The Police Explorer Program is an opportunity for young adults between the ages of 14 and 20 years of age to become exposed to the basics of law enforcement. Explorers will participate in numerous community events such as parades, carnivals, child fingerprinting and photo ID's.
Explorers not only learn about Law Enforcement, but are also taught discipline, team work and leadership skills that will be an asset to them throughout their lives regardless of their choice of profession.

The coordinator for the SSPD Explorer program is Officer Cory Begeal